Screw piles

Advantages – in addition to high load-bearing capacity, screw piles have many advantages over traditional reinforced concrete foundations, such as:
  • lower costs;
  • short assembly time;
  • no digging required, greenery is preserved;
  • possible construction on any terrain and soils;
  • possibility to make additional extensions to existing objects, preserving the load-bearing capacity and the integrity of the structure;
  • assembly work possible in all seasons.

Renovation of existing foundations

Owners of residential houses, outbuildings and other structures inevitably face the need to strengthen the reconstruction site and sometimes change entire foundation. The cause can be the collapse of a traditional foundation masonry, reduced waterproofing properties, poor foundation or soil strength in the foundations, increased soil deformation and unacceptable structural changes – cracks. Modern screw pile foundation technology allows to strengthen or change the entire foundation. The proposed technology will promote the long-term and stable operation of the building. Screw pile foundations are recognized as the best type of foundation for the reconstruction of existing buildings. In the past, it was necessary to demolish the building completely or partially to restore the classic foundations. In practice, it proved to be true that the use of screw piles for the reconstruction of foundations precludes the dismantling of the building. When using the foundations of screw piles for reconstruction, the object is lifted with a specialized construction hoist. New screw pile foundations are then installed under the building. Screw piles are screwed around the perimeter of the building, following the same technical installation requirements as for the installation of a new foundation.

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