We offer high-quality sandblasting:
  • In Marupe, with us on the spot;
  • trips as needed;
  • we can also provide transport to move the necessary objects from point A to point B.

About jet washing

Sandblasting technology has a wide range of applications. For example, in construction, it can be used to clean paint, plaster, concrete from iron structures, as well as to clean brick facades from various street drawings, soot, mold, fungi and other obstacles.

Sandblasting is also used for fiberglass surfaces. It removes the top layer of glass until the air bubbles become visible. Thus, this treatment prolongs the service life of glass surfaces, which significantly helps to save on metal structures at the expense of capital and regular repairs.

The patented sandblasting treatment is also used to create decorative glass frosting.

Sandblasting technology can be used to impart roughness to certain surfaces to promote adhesion (adhesion to other materials) during further processing.

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