Cobblestone is an environmentally friendly material, it is durable, easy to maintain and will make the yard of any home much more attractive. The Domus Hangars team has accumulated experience and knowledge over the years, so they will find the most suitable solution by choosing the most suitable pavement shape, material and color. In addition, if necessary, we will create a beautiful cobblestone pattern and green the area.

About Paving

By choosing Domus Hangars services, we guarantee that paving work will be performed in a high-quality, accurate and fast manner, creating a tidy environment near your home, public places and other objects. Our company has accumulated experience in this field over the years, so you can be sure that the cost of paving will be fully justified and the result will delight you for many years! The paving technology used by Domus Hangars will ensure that the pavement retains its appearance and properties for as long as possible without forming deposits, and that no grass growth between the pavement is allowed without changing the shape.

What to consider when choosing paving materials and planning the budget?

If you want to improve your backyard or another area, paving is an integral part of this work in almost all situations. This is a unique solution worth doing. But do not forget that there are many types of paving today, and to get the result you want, the material, shape, size and color must be chosen carefully. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the chosen pavement matches the surrounding landscape and objects in it, such as gardens, houses and other objects. All together, a unified composition must be created.

Thanks to the wide range of paving, various solutions are possible – paving is not only a way to make the surface smooth, it is also possible to “play” with it, creating different patterns, combine colors, materials and express yourself creatively, of course, taking into account whether the intended solution is practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The first step on the way to a beautiful pavement – to find out what is the purpose of using the paved area. They can be different – a recreation area for children, a home driveway, an industrial driveway to be used for trucks, etc. Why is this important? Because the purpose of the use affects both the shape and material of the pavement to choose, as well as the cost of paving. Of course, the price of paving also depends on the chosen company that performs this work.
In order to create a full-fledged project for the performance of your service, it is necessary to understand what additional work will be required. For example, the layout of the water supply, sewerage and rainwater drainage system must be determined. It is also necessary to take into account whether there will be a need for other networks that could be under the pavement – a ring at the gate, etc. The prices of paving depend on different details, because an accurate service can be provided only if all aspects are taken into account.

Domus Hangars experienced specialists will help you find the right solution for your wishes and needs, as well as, if necessary, green the area. To prepare for the work and calculate the cost of paving, our masters will go to the site to make accurate measurements and evaluate other factors.

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