Facade works Domus Construction Firm

Outdoor works

The Domus Hangars team has years of outdoor work experience: facades, paving, roofing and design.
Laying of concrete foundations Domus Construction Firm


Domus Hangari performs concreting works for private houses and industrial buildings.
Paving. Paving


Pavement is an environmentally friendly material, it is durable, easy to maintain and will make your home much more attractive.

Roof installation Domus Būve


Our company employs a professional team specializing in roofing. Whatever type of roof you choose, we have knowledge, experience, as well as responsive employees who will realize your plans.



Domus Hangars offers lift garage doors that will fit perfectly in private homes. There are also sliding and swing gates and motorized or glazed gates for industrial buildings.

Facade works Domus Construction Firm


Repairing the facade of a building is a serious job that requires both time and money. However, there are many benefits – the energy efficiency of the building increases, the microclimate in the building improves, less energy is used, significant savings are made, the appearance of the building improves, and the value of real estate increases significantly.
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