Angular metal hangar

Angular metal hangar

A square metal hangar is the most popular type of hangar in the construction of agricultural structures.
From the idea to the physical result, Domus Hangars will help you find the most suitable solution both during the design of the hangar and during the construction process. We carry out the work promptly and systematically so that each hangar we produce and build is immediately ready for use. The angular metal hangar is suitable not only for the agricultural sector, but also for livestock, manufacturing, car service, military, healthcare and other purposes.
88 Eur/m2 + VAT
20 Eur/m2 + VAT


from 10m-40m
Hot-dip galvanized, without supports in the middle with a distance of 5m, slope 10 degrees
Metal TR 35 RAL 9006 0.7 mm
Wall covering
Metal TR 18 0,5mm RAL 9006
PVC 120mm
4 x 4 m, sliding by hand
Dubulta garaza. Domus Angari


Domus Hangari produces various metal garages - a practical solution for every owner's needs. See more.

Team Engineer drawing graphic planning and meeting for architectural project on workplace


Domus Angāri has several years of experience in the design of industrial, residential and auxiliary buildings.

Laying of concrete foundations Domus Construction Firm


Domus Hangari performs concreting works for private houses and industrial buildings.

Other hangars

Guard huts
We produce comfortable and functional guard huts that meet all quality standards and safety requirements. We work only with the best materials so that each project we build is perfectly usable.
Livestock hangar
It is not our taste to be late, so we always meet the deadlines. Before starting the construction of the project, we evaluate various risks and non-standard situations so that the construction is delivered to the client on time.
Grain hangar
We implement ideas and listen to needs. The grain hangar is a necessity for every farmer. In addition, it is a financially viable long-term investment in the agribusiness. We offer to prepare a suitable and more advantageous offer for the construction of a grain hangar, starting from the consultation and ending with the storage of grain in the hangar.
Great solution to provide a tidy and attractive environment around you. The landfill is a mini hangar that will provide protection for waste bins against wind, moisture, animals and other conditions. Landfills can significantly improve the situation near your home by improving the environment and improving the waste management system.
Specialized hangars
Multifunctional and efficient solutions for various goals and wishes. We build both large and small hangars, adapting each project individually to the client's needs.
Insulated hangar with PVC roof
An insulated hangar with a PVC roof is a long-term investment in the construction of production, warehouses and even office premises. In addition, it is a cost-effective solution.


from 120 Eur / m 2
Insulated hangar
An insulated hangar is a long-term investment in building production, warehouses and even office space.


from 140 Eur / m 2
PVC hangar with metal walls
PVC hangar with metal walls. Can be used for a variety of purposes as it is easy to install anywhere.


from 49 Eur / m 2
PVC hangar
Due to its technical properties, PVC hangars are one of the most popular choices for storing and placing agricultural machinery, harvested crops, cars, various products, as well as tools and even fuel.


from 48 Eur / m 2
Arched hangar with straight walls
Hangar with straight walls and an arched roof. Wall and roof covering: metal with PVC gutters. Hangar length - unlimited.


from 60 EUR / m2 + VAT
Arched hangar
Arched hangar for agricultural, animal husbandry, production, car service and other needs. Also suitable for storage of large equipment and warehouse needs.


no 75 Eur/m2 + PVN
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