Wherever you live – in the city, near it, in a small village or in the countryside – a garage will be useful anywhere. Someone will probably park their car or motorcycle in it, which they will “cover”, repair and polish from time to time. Another will appreciate the garage, where you can store garden equipment and accessories – mower, saws, rakes, etc. There is no doubt – the possibilities of using the garage are endless. Domus Hangars offers to buy various metal garages – a practical solution for the needs of every owner. We suggest you save your time and buy a ready-made garage, which will be quick and easy to install. Our assortment includes prefabricated garages with tin and acrylic cover.

We offer garages in standard and custom size

Standard size garages

In standard-sized garages, which will be useful for parking motorcycles and cars, storing tools, as well as performing various tasks.

Garages for large objects (tractors, mowers, other equipment) Industrial and other large garages.

Garage models differ not only in size, but also in the construction of the roof

Animal aviaries

Domus Hangars manufactures aviaries for keeping animals.

Garage models differ not only in size,
but also roof structures

Gable roof

Insulated and uninsulated garages with gable roof.

Sloping roof

Garages with a pitched roof are suitable for the courtyards of houses.

Siltinata garaza. Domus Angari
Insulated garages
An insulated garage is a sensible all-season choice - to store a car and garden equipment
Uninsulated garages
An uninsulated garage is an economical choice for storing cars, motorcycles or other belongings.
Mini garāža | Domus Angāri
Mini hangars
The mini hangar is ideal for storing garden machinery and equipment, as well as motorbikes or bicycles. Explore the options.
Garaza ar durvim un logu
Garages with decorative plaster
A garage with decorative plaster will fit well in different environments, functionally adapting to the layout and style of the yard, as well as decorative plaster will protect the garage from various environmental factors.


Domus Hangars produces very durable, long-lasting and versatile hangars. Review options.

Team Engineer drawing graphic planning and meeting for architectural project on workplace


Domus Angāri has several years of experience in the design of industrial, residential and auxiliary buildings.

Laying of concrete foundations Domus Construction Firm


Domus Hangari performs concreting works for private houses and industrial buildings.

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